The primary goal in periodontal therapy, and dentistry in general, is to provide the patient with a healthy, disease free, functioning and esthetic dentition.

The types of periodontal treatments can range from removing and correcting disease from around the teeth to corrective, ‘plastic surgery’ type procedures to create a more esthetic and pleasing smile.

Many times dental treatment requires the coordinated efforts of the Periodontist and the General Dentist. Sometimes an Endodontist (root canal), Orthodontist (tooth straightening), and/or Oral Surgeon is brought in to provide you with the most comprehensive and thorough treatment.

Dr. John employs the latest techniques in contemporary periodontics to care for every patient’s needs

  • Straumann Dental Implants

  • Soft Tissue Grafts

  • Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy

  • Periodontal Surgery

  • Regenerative Procedures including Bone Grafting, Emdogain and GTR

  • Crown Lengthening

  • Soft Tissue Biopsy

  • Ridge Augmentation

  • Frenectomy

  • Root Amputation

  • Hemisection

  • Non-surgical Periodontal Therapy such as Definitive Scaling and Root Planing

  • Microbial Testing

  • Systemic and Localized Antibiotic Therapy

  • Sinus Lift Surgery for Dental Implants Utilizing the New Piezo Surgical Technique

  • Oral Conscious Sedation