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The use of lasers in periodontal therapy is rapidly growing. Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy is an excellent adjunct to the treatment of periodontal disease. Lasers have given us potential alternatives to traditional periodontal therapy. Lasers offer us the ability to perform many minimally invasive periodontal procedures, such as REPaiR, to address the periodontal pocket and disease. Most of the time sutures are not needed. Prescription pain medication is almost never needed after a laser procedure. Almost all of our patients go back to work the next day without any complications or restrictions. The post operative pain and bleeding is significantly reduced, to non-existant, with laser therapy. We have found that the healing is usually much faster with laser therapy than traditional procedures.

Dr. John has been utilizing lasers in his practice for quite a number of years. There are primarily five different lasers used in dentistry today. Dr. John utilized th Biolase Warterlase 2780nm Erbium water cutting laser for his periodontal surgical procedures. He also uses the Biolase Epic 940nm Diode laser for pain management, tissue healing and localized bacterial reduction. Dr. John feels that the utilizing the water seeking laser to vaporize the cell layers is much kinder to the tissues than the other pigment seeking, Nd:YAG, lasers.

Dr. John is one of only a handful of nationally recognized instructors who train dentists taking the Advanced Periodontal and Oral Surgery Training course.

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