Are there other types of periodontal problems besides periodontal disease?

Yes. We think of periodontal disease as a plaque related irritation of the gums and potential bone loss. We also take care of what’s called gingival recession, where the gums are starting to recede away from the tooth. This is not necessarily related towards periodontal disease, but more or less a tooth position problem, or how thin or how thick the gums are. The problem with recession, is that sometimes, if you allow recession to progress, it can ultimately lead in to cavities, decrease in ability to clean them efficiently, and even potential tooth loss. We tend to recommend to do what’s called soft tissue grafting on those types of situations. There are a couple different ways of doing soft tissue grafting, one of which utilizes your own tissue, and some of which utilizes what we call a donor tissue, or collagen types of… Donor type of tissues.